Child Custody and Visitation investigations in Virginia:

Generally there are two components when discussing children produced during the course of a marriage or relationship.

The first component is custody. Child custody has two parts, physical and legal. Physical refers to who the child/children physically reside with or the primary custodial parent. Many times children split their time living with each parent but one of the parents can have primary physical custody or it could be shared 50/50. The second part is legal custody. Legal custody deals with each parents rights when it comes to making decisions concerning their child. These decisions include schooling, medical care and other decisions that affect the child’s life. This can also include what level of access each parent has to things like medical records, medical decisions etc. There are rules governing the disposition of these cases based Virginia Code


Visitation is the courts ruling on what the arrangements are for each parent to have time with the child. This could be a defined schedule for example one parent gets the child/children every weekend and every other holiday or it could mean splitting the week up and the child/children go back and forth to both parents.

When it comes to child custody and visitation the courts generally look for what arrangement is in the best interest of the child/children to provide a safe, secure and stable environment. Things that can compel the court to rule one way or another depends on the environment and stability of each parent. Factors that can affect the courts ruling are things like drug and alcohol use, financial stability, living arrangements etc.

The Fox Agency conducts custody and visitation investigations to find out if the court order(s) are being followed. Sometimes one of the parents is in violation of certain conditions of their visitation such as exposing the child/children to an unsafe environment, exposure to drugs or other illegal activity, having their “partner” stay overnight even though it is prohibited by the court or are leaving the child/children with someone and is going out and not really spending time with their child/children. Sometimes the parent will also do things like drive while impaired with the child/children in the vehicle. The Fox Agency works hard to document the facts by conducting surveillance and taking video.

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