Thursday, March 21, 2019

We assist our Clients in many ways during what is a very challenging and confusing time in their life. We are a confidential, trusted partner for our Clients. Here are answers to some basic questions you may have:

Q.  I have never hired an Investigator before, what is the process?

A. In general terms, the Investigative company will discuss your needs and try to determine what is involved and the complexity of your situation. Once that is determined there will be a discussion about a retainer (like what one would provide to an Attorney) and the “terms and conditions”. The outcome of this discussion is a clear understanding of what is involved and what it cost initially, we make every attempt to be clear so there are NO surprises and you know what to expect. In addition to the retainer, you will be required to sign and Investigative Contract and Fee Schedule. This also makes it very clear what the cost, terms and conditions are, again no surprises.

Q. How much does it cost to hire and Investigator?
A. It depends on the complexity of your situation but in general the hourly rate for work is between $50 and $120 per hour depending on geographic location and complexity.

Q. Will the Investigator get evidence and prove what I think is going on?
A. Investigators are recorders of events and facts. We cannot control what others do or don’t do and we do not engage in illegal activity to get evidence. We simply observe and record events. Often one’s suspicions are correct but sometimes what they suspect is going on isn’t. We don’t make things up, we just record what is going on.

Q. Once I sign the contract and pay the retainer what happens?
A. We work with our Clients to decide what are the best times and places to start the investigation to give us the best chance at trying to figure out what is going on.

Q. Once the investigation begins how, when do I know what is going on?
A. You will be provided updates as needed, especially if critical information or events occur.

Q. I see on the internet companies that say they have Investigators in every State, what is that about?
A. These “national” companies basically mark up the price and hire a local company like us, they are a “middle man”.


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