What We Do:  We are specialists in surveillance for Family Law and Insurance cases in Central Virginia, Tri-Cities and across the State. We also provide services for Teenager/family issues (runaways, drugs), heir location and skip tracing.

Special Services:  We provide the full range of Technical Surveillance and Counter measures (TSCM) for Clients that are concerned they have been "bugged" or have concerns their cell phone, computer, home, vehicle or office may be "bugged" and they are being monitored. This includes checking for GPS tracking devices, listening devices, cell phone monitoring, spyware etc.

Why choose us?

We work closely with your Attorney and all other members of your Legal team to assist you in a successful conclusion

     • We understand and protect the fact that our clients are going through a rough time in their life and need support and answers
     • We operate with total discretion and respect for our clients privacy
     • We are laser focused on getting to the facts and protecting our client